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Chicago Garage Doors Openers

Chicago Garage Doors not only installs and repairs garage doors, but we install and repair garage door openers!  So don’t fret digging your keys out of your bag to open the garage door.  Don’t waste your time stopping the car to get out and open the garage door parking the car and closing the garage door; save your time by installing a brand new garage door opener.  Chicago Garage Doors technicians can install a brand new garage door right away so you don’t have to waste your time opening your garage door manually.  We have various brands of garage door openers like Genie, Liftmaster, Chamberlain and Craftsman.  If you call us now we can help you choose one with ½ or ¾ horsepower.  Here are some details to help you inform yourself on the garage door you would like to purchase as well as the drives.  1/2 horsepower isn’t less reliable than ¾ horsepower, the difference is that ¾ horsepower uses a little more force and made for heavier doors.  So if you have a single residential garage door, clearly you do not need ¾ horsepower to lift it.  If you have a heavy steel commercial garage door then clearly you need ¾ horsepower to lift it. 

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Another thing you may want to know about the garage door openers is the drive that it uses.  The different types of drives are the screw drive, the belt drive, the computer controlled drive and the chain drive.  The two that are most commonly used are the belt drive and the chain drive. The chain drive has a chain running along its tracks causing it to make a lot of noise when it opens.  The chain drive is the cheapest one so if you’re looking to save a little bit of money you should get the chain drive.  However, if your garage door is attached to your home and you want something a little quieter because you mind the noise then you should definitely look into the belt drive.  This drive has a belt that runs smoothly instead of a chain reducing the noise level to zero.  This drive is remarkable because for only fifty dollars more it performs just as reliable as the chain yet it is inaudible and worth your money if you’re looking for something more discreet. 

The two most commonly used opener brands are the LiftMaster and Genie.  Both are very similar in quality and price however, the LiftMaster is often recommended as oppose to the Genie.  Both have enticing qualities like rolling code security.  Rolling code security means that the code changes from the moment you press the buttons; this is useful because it prevents future theft and break-in robberies.  Both garage door openers also have safety systems that include automatic stop and reversing systems.  This is crucial if you have children or pets.  You can test your garage door opener on your own by laying a 2x4 flat on the ground.  If the garage door reverses after touching the 2x4 then your garage door opener works.  Another way to test it is by holding the bottom of the garage door if it does not reverse then your garage door needs repair.  Don’t sit there and wait call us now and we’ll send a technician in your area to your door step.  Our technicians have replaced, repaired and installed countless door openers. There is not one problem with garage door openers that Chicago Garage Doors can’t fix.  There is nothing these guys haven’t seen.  They’ll even come by to give you an estimate for repair before they do the job.  Don’t stress yourself out for a garage door that won’t open, call the pros and let them do their job.

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